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Our recording equipment

We use the following equipment:

  • Meyer Noisecontrol voicebooth
  • Neumann U87Ai microphone
  • Rode Classic II microphone
  • Focusrite ISA430 MKII preamp
  • Focusrite ISA430 preamp (2x)

  • Avalon VT-737SP preamp
  • DHD 2200 Digital mixing console
  • Genelec 1030a active speakers
  • Genelec 7060a subwoofer
  • Genelec 8020a active speakers
  • Avatone Active Mixcubes reference speakers

  • Beyer Dynamic DT770 headphone (3x)
  • Eye 4 AV Cube Quad Core PC
  • Drawner Dual Gate DS-201
  • Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT(for back-up during recording sessions)
  • Sony KPL 40-V3000 Full HD LCD TV
  • Various applications from Primacoustic