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So many voices, so many prices! The price of a recording starts with the rate asked by a voice actor. The rates can vary considerably, though there is often good reason for this. A higher rate may be down to experience, or it may indicate a very special or well-known voice.
To safeguard the rights of the voice actor, a repeat fee may be charged. This purchases the copyright, so that an existing recording can be used for longer than 1 year, for example. This arrangement is mainly applicable to commercials. And of course you also need to take travel expenses into account.

The length of the text also plays a part. Most voice actors ask a starting rate for the first 2½ minutes of actually recorded text. That corresponds to about one A4 of text typed in Arial font, size 12. It is also important to know how a recording is going to be used. For instance, whether it is for television or radio, and whether it will be broadcast nationally, regionally or locally. Other possibilities include internet use, such as a company website or YouTube, or a closed e-learning environment, a museum audio tour or a voice-response system for a switchboard.

And of course there are the costs of the work we do ourselves, such as agency costs and studio hire, including an experienced technician.

To get a prompt quotation, it is important to complete the application form on our website as fully as possible and to send us a copy of the text along with the form.