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Recording procedure

The recording procedure begins with choosing the right voice. Customers can do their own search on the website or ask us to propose some voices for them. A quotation will be made on the basis of the length of the text and the way in which the recording is to be used.

Before starting to record, we go through the text with the voice actor and discuss any questions about the pronunciation of names and abbreviations, etc., with the customer. We settle on the way the text should be spoken, including things like tempo and atmosphere, if possible supported by visual material.

During recording, the technician makes notes, which speeds up the process of audio post-production. In the audio post-production process, any incorrect recordings, unnecessary breaths, pauses, pops, annoying saliva sounds or any other unwanted mouth noises are removed. Plug-ins are used to apply light compression to the recording. The volume is adjusted to the default used by Stemmenbank.nl, so that all the recordings supplied always sound equally loud.

The file is saved as WAV, 48Khz., 16-bits, but we can of course supply it in any other audio format you may wish. The whole recording is listened to again and checked for correctness, after which it is placed on the customer’s online download account. The customer is sent an sms and/or e-mail with the login details and a message that the recording can be downloaded. Finally the recordings are placed in the archive.