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Over the years, we have come to realise that translation demands expertise. Translations in the form of ‘spoken text’, in particular, are sometimes lacking in quality. So the combination of voice actor/translator is the perfect solution for a fluent spoken text. We bring writers and translators into direct contact with each other, which speeds up the communication and editing processes. Stemmenbank.nl is able to offer the competitive translation rate of 15 eurocents per word (with a minimum of €. 50,-) in the following language combinations:

-German > Dutch
-German > Portuguese
-English > Dutch
-English > Greek
-English > Italian
-English > Portuguese
-English > Spanish
-English > Spanish Catalonian
-French > Italian
-French > Portuguese
-French > Spanish
-French > Spanish Catalonian
-Greek > English
-Italian > Portuguese
-Dutch > English
-Dutch > Greek
-Dutch > Italian
-Dutch > Portuguese
-Dutch > Spanish
-Dutch > Spanisg Catalonian
-Spanish > English
-Spanish > Greek
-Spanish > Portuguese