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Bedankt weer voor het snelle oppakken van ons verzoek en het meedenken mbt de opnames.
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Male voice 066
Many thanks once again for your prompt payment. Bravo ! I’ve not come across this anywhere else. It deserves a compliment – so here you are !
All the best and till next time (soon I hope).

Female voice 294
Wow! I’m very impressed. I’ve already received the payment. If only all my contacts were like that…

Male voice 361
Never before in the history of mankind have I been paid as quickly by a client as I was paid by you!  I am overwhelmed and flabbergasted (in a positive way). Thanks for the prompt payment and until next time!

Female voice 003
Thanks for the prompt payment and until next time!

Male voice 301
Fantastic! Thanks for such swift payment – much appreciated.

Male voice 442
Thanks for the quick payment Marco!

Male voice 046
If only all my customers were so efficient and fast...enjoy your day!

Female voice 265
Wow.. not used to fast payments. I appreciate it :-)

Female voice 029
Thanks once again for the really fast payment.
I enjoyed working with you and look forward to the next time.

Female voice 082
Thanks very much for the prompt payments!

Female voice 283
Thanks for paying so swiftly – fantastic!

Female voice 193
Thanks for your prompt payment. Till the next recording!

Male voice 081
Thanks for the prompt payments!